Challenges of Returning Back to Normal for GP and Specialist Consultant Clinics

Coronavirus has taken over 45000 lives of UK citizens and has posed serious challenges for medical practitioners. Hospitals, care homes, and clinics are the major sources of airborne infection with frontline staff and patients being most susceptible to becoming infected. Patients are reluctant to visit clinics and hospitals, limiting patient numbers from a few hundred to a few tens. However, these places can be made the safer and help reduce the fear of infection by installing an AirVault Filtration Device.

The AirVault is an electrostatic air filtration device, having a capacity to eliminate 99.998% coronaviruses, smaller viruses, and other contaminants present in the ambient air. Since the closed environment does not allow cross ventilation, the AirVault is best suited for such places. Floor mopping with disinfectant floor cleaner, sanitizing of clinic nobs, tables, and chairs are not sufficient due to the continuous flow of foot traffic as well as the nature of the virus. The foot traffic brings unwanted pathogens in the clinic’s closed setting, all the time. So, permanent and continuous air filtration is a must-have nowadays.

Amidst such circumstances, general practitioners (GP) can open their clinics safely by installing AirVault that has been approved and tested by Public Health England.

Key challenges encountered by GP

Patients with risk for worsening their medical condition require consultation and surgeries, later in life. Such measures require one-to-one interaction, and sometimes wearing all personal protection equipment is not enough. The director of NHS England Nikita Kanan recommended the GPs to conduct video calls for consultations and follow up for preventing coronavirus spread. Video conferencing and assistance through emails are difficult to adopt for patients without advanced technology. Patients having an emergency for surgery cannot avoid visiting clinics. So, opening the clinics is an indispensable need which can be achieved by installing the AirVault that can trap airborne pathogens and ultra-fine particles, allowing for a huge reduction in germs and other pathogens.

Lack of Medical Funding
The pandemic has taken up the world by surprise, adversely affecting the economy. The global financial crisis has led to underinvestment, without increasing the National Health Services budgets for several years. With limited medical funding available, GP’s clinics need to keep their resources minimum without compromising on the cleanliness which has now become critical. The AirVault installation is cost-effective with a linear efficiency rate for up to 10 years. It requires zero maintenance and can run without a break.

Limited space
For combating COVID-19, social distancing is becoming a norm, however with limited space and existing infrastructure it is very had and expensive to restrofit airfilters. AirVault comes with varied options either freestanding or wall which allow it to be added to any room without taking any extra space or expensive installation. All your require is a 13amp plug socket – a true plug and play solution.

All medical practioners are putting their lives at risk as well as their loved ones. With the AirVault there is an extra layer of security knowing that the air in the room is being decontaminated continuously by a Public Health England tested device.

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