Why air filtration may be a great idea in a post Covid-19 world

Why air filtration may be a great idea in a post Covid-19 world

We live in uncertain times and life as we are used to feels like it may never be the same again. Covid-19 has changed the way that we work, that we socialise, how our children are educated and even how we do regular everyday things such as go shopping or eat out.

So many industries have had to shut over the past few months such as gyms or restaurants, or have had to adjust what they can offer their customers, such as hairdressers and beauty clinics. Or perhaps they have had to operate business as normal but with a new type of normal, such as GP surgeries.

Whatever industry it is, if there is an element of social interaction within that business, then there may be some concern from business owners, employees and the general public, about how safe everyone will be.

This is where air filtration can help specifically the AirVault which has been tested by Public Health England

Why is air filtration going to help?

You may be wondering just what air filtration can do to help. Well of course, the science tells us that it can remove harmful particulates from the air that we breathe and make it much cleaner and safer. It is this that will be a helping hand to those who are heading into the gym, the hairdresser, or the restaurant to eat.

Just knowing that the air is cleaner by using a PHE tested device (the "AirVault") , is enough to ensure that everyone feels more comfortable.

When someone feels more comfortable, then there is a good chance that they are going to want to visit these places more. They are going to want to have their hair cut, eat out, have a few social drinks with friends or maybe book a doctor's appointment.

Being able to offer this peace of mind to your valued customers; well this can be the difference between being able to bring them back to you or not.

How does air filtration work?

So, how does air filtration work? The idea of these devices is that they will cleanse the air in any building. This includes removing bad smells, dust and even smoke. Essentially, if there are any pollutants in the air; something that shouldn’t be there. Then an air filtration system can remove them.


The beauty of the AirVault is that is goes above and beyond conventional air filtration by being able to capture bacteria and virus's helping keep the air contaminant free.

They work by sucking in the “bad air” and pushing it through the system, whereby it is cleaned and filtered, before it is then released back into the air around you. The video below demonstrates how the AirVault electrostatic filter works:

Conventual air filter need maintenance in order for them to work properly, they need to be regularly maintained and checked over, just to ensure that they are still in full working order and that their efficiency is maintained.  

The AirVault is a plug and play device with a minimum of 10 year lifespan - no extra consumables needed.

So, if you are opening up your business again and you want to welcome people back. Then why not invest in an air filtration system to help keep things clean and encourage a feeling of peace of mind.

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