Why the AirVault

The AirVault is the gold standard with unparralled air filtration capabilities. It is one of the only systems tested by PHE (Public Health England), an independent review body. Other systems on the market have dubious credentials from unknown foreign testing sites.
Removal of coronavirus molecules and other particles at 99.998% efficiency, giving you peace of mind.
  • Zero Maintenance
    • HEPA filtration systems require filter replacements every 2-3 months;
    • But, for the duration of AirVault's lifespan, no components need to be replaced.
  • 10 year Lifespan
    • AirVault's  unique electrostatic filtration technology yields a product that can be left to perform it’s function for 10 years.
  • Plug n Play
    • AirVault is designed to be practical, with clear and easy installation instructions.
  • Small, Discrete, Aesthetic
    • AirVault's minimalist design and size make the unit ideal for small rooms and open spaces alike;
    • Can be floor standing, wall mounted or installed to fit into existing 60x60 ceiling panels;
    • Incredibly quiet at 40-60 dB.
  • Multiple air exchanges per hour
    • AirVault exhibits a filtration rate of 25 cubic feet per minute.
    • AirVault Plus exhibits a filtration rate of 85 cubic feet per minute.
  • Competitive pricing and long term value
    • No ongoing maintenance costs for 10 years.
    • 12 month manufacturer warranty.
  • PHE Tested
    • Efficiency tested at Public Health England’s Biosafety Investigation Unit in Porton Down.
    • The Biosafety Investigation Unit carries out independent evaluations of infection control interventions.